Europlá is a fireworks company located in Valencia, specializing in manufacturing and shooting all kinds of fireworks.

Established in 1977, Europlá has evolved, positioning itself as one of the technical leaders in its sector, performing shows in which  originality and design are its main goals.

With an area of over 100,000 square meters and modern facilities  Europlá has what it needs to manage shows at home and abroad, always offering products of the highest quality.

At the technological level Europlá has systems for conventional and digital firing with a capacity of over 5000 individual cues allowing us to deal with events that require even the most complicated choreography.

Skill & Experience

Our organization covers all the processes that make up the implementation of a firework display. From the manufacture of its components to the firing.

Color, rhythm, imagination and design are the elements that characterize a young and dynamic team on a path of continual innovation.

At  Europlá we believe that fireworks offer a unique form of artistic creation. Each of our shows is designed to achieve the goals we set in conjunction with our customers. Covering their needs, exceeding their expectations and giving them satisfaction is the foundation of our business.

We believe in the future. We move into a market that day by day recognizes us as leaders because we transform our ideas into reality for our customers.


State of the Art Technology

We have a team specializing in the set up of fireworks. The suitability of the location is meticulously analyzed to obtain the best results. We are specialists in electrical and digital firing used to achieve the most surprising effects and rhythms in daylight and night fireworks. Europlá has a fleet of vehicles and personnel with expertise in the transportation of regulated goods, to ensure they are delivered in an effective way to the shooting sites.
PYROMUSICAL choreographed shows use the most advanced technology in order to enhance events that require a perfect synchronization between music and fireworks.

At the Forefront of Creativity